Separating High-Value Compounds from our Algae Culture

Our algae extract and supernatant segment represents the mechanical extraction to separate high-value compounds from our algae culture without the use of solvents or energy-intensive processes to arrive at an extract in a liquid state.

This extract is a by-product of the algal biomass process, proving our efficiency in using all algae when extracting nutrients and proteins. This represents another source of revenue from the same culture as the algal biomass and is harvested at the same time. The extract can be mixed with other ingredients or excipients to create supplements or foods.

The Value of the Extract/Supernatant

The growing medium, consisting of water, nutrients, vitamins and trace metals, is infused with non-starch polysaccharides, peptides and bioactive compounds secreted by the algae during the grow cycle, creating a valuable supernatant.

The concentrated supernatant is remarkably stable, with refrigerated samples retaining important properties and composition after one year. An added bonus to the supernatant is that it is almost completely odorless and tasteless, exhibiting only a slight hint of freshly-mown grass.

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