Making Discoveries that Matter

At ZIVO Bioscience, Inc., we are dedicated to the study, development and commercialization of natural nutritional compounds and bioactive molecules derived from our proprietary algal strains. These compounds and mixtures can be extraordinarily complex and dynamic in nature.

In addition to exceptional nutritional qualities, our compounds exhibit properties that, properly applied, can yield significant results in supporting a healthy immune response and related metabolic functions, among other beneficial effects.

Our Main Areas of Study and Development

  • Support healthy immune response in humans and animals
  • Support healthy metabolic function
  • Support optimal skeleton-muscular health in response to exertion and aging
  • Sustainable, non-GMO, antibiotic free, non-animal protein source with optimal amino acid profile and other nutritional benefits

The ZIVO Algae Strain: A Sustainable Source of Protein

The ZIVO algae strain provides a sustainable source of protein with a reduced carbon footprint. Its reliance on solar energy allows it to demand less fossil fuel, resulting in the absorption of roughly one pound of carbon dioxide and turning it into roughly one pound of quality protein.

The ZIVO strain is derived from a naturally occurring alga, which has never been cultivated or consumed by humans or animals. As such, ZIVO is conducting an accelerated program of testing and validation to meet FDA standards for safety and consistent quality. The dried algae will likely be ready for market launch later in the year, but product concepts are being developed now to give prospective partners some idea of the versatility of this novel ingredient and its potential applications.

Our Wide-Ranging Applications

Uses for our ZIVO strain are wide-ranging, from non-GMO plant proteins and beneficial micronutrients for human consumption to companion animal supplements and livestock productivity.

Initially, our focus is on humans, followed by dairy cows and poultry, where the incremental use of feed ingredients derived from or consisting of our proprietary algal biomass generates beneficial results in early testing.

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The Strategy Behind Our Platform

Our core intellectual property consists of the algae culture itself, our patented process of producing that culture, and the nutritive or bioactive components that can be extracted, as well as the application of that culture or extract in supporting health and longevity.

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Our Intellectual Property

We are working diligently to develop proprietary and patented bioactive compounds to be used as ingredients in foods, supplements, and possibly medicines.

Commercialization, Research and Development

We will be approaching the near-term markets first - nutritional products and ingredients for human and animal applications, while laying the groundwork for the more complex and longer-term opportunities in the medicinal and pharmaceutical sectors. 

We are committed to rigorous scientific testing, peer review, and regulatory compliance to maintain our company philosophy of affordability, sustainability, and adaptability.

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Z280 Super Farm Concept

Breakthrough Cultivation Methodology

ZIVO Bioscience is proposing the design, construction and operation of large-scale, 140-hectare microalgae farms in warm-temperate and semi-tropical regions around the world to produce its proprietary strains licensed to each such farm. ZIVO will also commit to purchasing each farm’s entire output for five (5) years as it builds a global supply chain. ZIVO has developed the cultivation technology, methods, engineering and construction techniques to grow algae sustainably without relying heavily on fossil fuels, while providing economic benefits from agricultural production and value-add migration path.

Investor-Owned/Zivo Managed

The site and super-farm are owned by investors, lenders, landowners and may include ZIVO as minority holder. ZIVO principals will manage all phases of construction and operation. ZIVO will commit to the purchase of all farm output for a period of five (5) years once fully operational, at which time investors may elect to renew ZIVO management contract or operate the super farm independently.

Managers & Project Lead

ZIVO Bioscience senior managers, consultants and engineers will function as project manager and partner with a global AE firm to develop and certify documentation packages, post a completion bond and pre-fund Phase 1.


Our Valued Partnerships

We partner with leading universities in our research and development efforts. In conjunction with our academic and research partners, we have been able to conduct groundbreaking studies to further our work in demonstrating the advantages, solutions, and applications of algae products.

Our Partners

Licensing Opportunities

We have protocols and processes in place for our licensing packages, beginning with meeting thorough efficacy and compliance requirements. We use these protocols to determine the benefits of a product, with scientific experimentation and safety studies to back up claims.

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Our Mission

We strive to fully harness the benefits of our natural nutritive and bioactive products, making them affordable and readily available in a useful and convenient form. We are dedicated to finding innovative, cost-effective techniques and technologies that help the greatest number of people access the widest range of products and applications to serve their nutrition and health needs or animals in their care.

Backed by Strong Leadership

Our management team and advisors work together to develop viable scientific and business models with available resources, looking for the best near-term opportunities without compromising safety or efficacy.

Management Team

Board of Directors