Human Applications

About Human Applications

ZIVO has completed the FDA’s self-affirmed GRAS process for its dried algal biomass product clearing the way for immediate use as a human food ingredient and dietary supplement ingredient in the US. In addition, we in the process of conducting the necessary studies and compiling data to meet EU compliance requirements for similar uses.

Our Algae is Adaptable

The powdered form of our algal biomass contains approximately 45% pure protein, according to a global contract research organization contracted by ZIVO. The powder is almost completely odorless and tasteless, which will favor rapid adoption and consumer acceptance.

Initial toxicology tests conducted by various contract laboratories have indicated no neurotoxins, bacterial endotoxins or chemical contamination from the cultivation/harvest process.

Vegetable Smoothie Proof of Concept

We have developed a proof of concept for the food ingredient market sector in the form of a protein and fiber-rich vegetable smoothie to demonstrate the potential for our algal biomass as a potent nutritional ingredient. Our intent is not to manufacture this health drink or any other, but instead to show potential partners in the food industry how such a proof of concept can be applied.