Innovations that Transform

Our core intellectual property consists of the algae culture itself, the patented process of producing that culture, and the nutritive or bioactive components that can be extracted, as well as the application of that culture or extract in supporting health and longevity.

Our Proprietary Algae Strain

Our proprietary algae strain can be spray-dried, belt-dried, drum-dried or freeze-dried depending on the product formulation requirement, ranging from a fine powder for better mixing properties to a flaked form that looks and blends like pesto, parsley flakes or dried seaweed. Once approved for use, the algal biomass can be grown by contracted cultivators and shipped to licensed drying facilities. From there, the product would be shipped to formulators, processors, co-packers, etc. for use as a protein-enhancing food ingredient, a dietary supplement, a vegan beverage ingredient or pet food component. Other commercial strains of algae such spirulina or chlorella contain significant amounts of protein. But, in addition to a digestible protein, our algae strain also offers a very significant fiber component, as well as natural, bioavailable vitamins A and C, which is novel. And, as importantly, the ZIVO strain has a bland taste and low odor that works well with vegetable and fruit juices that need a protein, fiber or natural vitamin boost.

Better than Average Production Yields

One of the most important commercial aspects of our algae strain is its robustness and aggressive growth. That translates into better than average production yields for filamentous green algae and eliminates the use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and growth promoters. In other words, it's easier and less expensive to grow organically and harvest than some of the other commercial strains in cultivation today.

A Platform that is Affordable, Sustainable and Adaptable

We have optimized an algae strain from our proprietary polyculture that promises a low startup cost and offers sustainability, high yield, continuous harvest, optimal levels of protein, micronutrient and non-starch polysaccharides (NSP's), ease of post-processing and the potential of multiple applications across animal species.


Our cultivation model eschews complex and costly fermentation systems, photo-bioreactors, panels and tubes associated with microalgae production in favor of the most basic and cost-efficient models: a covered, shallow pond constructed of inexpensive, readily-available materials obtainable in many parts of the world.


Optimized phototrophic microalgae such as our ZIVO strain are uniquely suitable for sustainable cultivation as they efficiently capture solar energy. The energy efficiency (food energy output/kg/energy input/kg) is five times higher than soy, twice that of corn, and over 100 times higher than grain-fed beef*.


Uses for our ZIVO strain are wide-ranging, from non-GMO plant proteins and beneficial micronutrients for human consumption to companion animal supplements and livestock productivity.

Algal Biomass

Our algal biomass is a sustainable, non-GMO product, which is dried and marketed as an ingredient or additive in animal feed as well as human foods and beverages.

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Our extracts and supernatants can be mechanically separated and concentrated to create naturally-sourced, high-value nutritional ingredients without the use of solvents or energy-intensive processes.

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Bioactive Compounds

Our bioactive compounds consist of natural molecules that are isolated from the culturing process to be used as high-value components in a wide range of applications, from nutrition to cosmetics to topical ointments. There is also potential for these bioactives to be used as lead compounds in medicinal or pharmaceutical development.

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* Habib, M. B., Parvin, M., Huntington, T. C., & Hasan, M. R. (2008). A Review on Culture, Production and Use of Spirulina as Food for Humans and Feeds for Domestic Animals and Fish.