Algal Biomass

Patented, Proprietary Algal Biomass and Derivatives

The primary goals of our R&D efforts involve isolating and identifying novel bioactive compounds derived from our algal biomass, delivering a novel, plant-based protein source and supporting healthy metabolic function.

We are working diligently to develop proprietary and patented algal biomass based products to be used as a novel, plant-based protein source or ingredients in functional foods, supplements, and possibly medicines. The whole algal biomass can be harvested and used in its high-moisture form after pasteurization, or the biomass can be dried or desiccated as required for downstream applications. Alternatively, the algal cells may be lysed with the resulting lysate mixed with other ingredients. In addition to use of whole or lysed biomass, our R&D team is working to isolate and identify novel bioactive compounds from the algal biomass to promote healthy metabolic function and a strong immune system.

Cultivation Process

Our sustainable, non-GMO product is harvested from our algae culture, dried, and marketed as a prime ingredient in animal feed and human food in the form of dietary supplements, specialized protein products, and livestock feed ingredients.

As the production base builds, the superior nutritional profile will come into play as the biomass is positioned as a plant-based source of high-quality protein and other nutrients.

FDA Approval

ZIVO’s has completed the FDA’s self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) process for its dried whole algal biomass product. As a result, we can now an work with our marketers to license this natural product as the nutritive ingredient in functional foods, sports beverages and dietary supplements for human use in the US while we pursue approval for use in the EU and elsewhere. Efforts to expand the daily allowable intake of the product and to obtain notified GRAS status from the FDA and are also underway.

How We Use It

Besides the many food and beverage categories for human consumption, a primary use for the algal biomass and extracts is as additives or ingredients in animal applications. For example, we aim to provide a nutritional feed ingredient or additive for dairy cows to promote a healthy immune response to minimize or prevent the onset of bovine mastitis. In terms of poultry, our goal is to boost overall health and digestive efficiency, which in turn promotes optimized growth. Biomass extracts have also demonstrated the ability to help maintain proper joint function and healthy muscle in active or aging dogs.

Studies & Whitepapers

Get a more in-depth look into our efforts to promote long-term optimal health for both animals and humans alike.

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