Products that Perform

At ZIVO, we intend to approach the near-term markets first with nutritional products and ingredients for human and animal applications. At the same time, we'll also be laying the groundwork for more complex and longer-term opportunities in the medicinal and pharmaceutical market verticals.

Providing Nutrition and Health to Both Humans and Animals

Our products and applications aim to serve the nutrition and health needs for humans or those of animals in their care. Our proprietary ZIVO algae strain will initially find its application as a human dietary supplement, a source of high quality, non-animal nutrition, animal supplement and livestock feed additive, boosting productivity and overall health.

Properties and Benefits of Our Algae Strain

  • Truly sustainable
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-animal
  • Gluten-free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Hormone-free
  • Pesticide/herbicide-free
  • Non-soy
  • Non-solvent
  • Plant-based source of high quality vegan protein, fiber and vitamins
  • Other beneficial properties support a healthy immune response and joint/tendon protection

Animal Applications

Our algae-based products can be formulated as, a feed ingredient for dairy cows that supports a healthy immune response to the onset of bovine mastitis. In terms of poultry, specifically broilers, our goal is to boost healthy growth and digestive efficiency.

Our studies have shown there is an opportunity for growth in relation to our algae-based products. The same bioactives and algae cultures we currently use may be helpful in preventing beef cattle immunity issues and maintaining proper joint function and healthy muscle in active and aging dogs.

Perhaps most importantly, our algal biomass may, by promoting better nutrition and immune health, lessen the need for antibiotics and synthetic hormones in feeding beef and dairy cows, poultry and swine.

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Human Applications

Our algae-based products also serve as functional and medical food ingredients that promote healthy cholesterol levels, promoting better digestibility, boosting immunity, and aid in muscle/joint recovery.

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Functional Food Ingredient

As a functional ingredient in veggie smoothies, dry mixes, protein replacements, fruit/vegetable juices, protein bars and dozens of other food and beverage applications, our algal biomass and its extracts provide an optimal blend of protein, fiber, vitamins and micronutrients in a form that mixes well with other food ingredients, flavors and spices. We intend to enter the functional food market with our healthy cholesterol and immune support claims as regulatory requirements are met. 

Dietary Supplement & Nutraceuticals

We recognize that self-care is a growing trend for multiple demographics, which presents a substantial opportunity for establishing market share in the natural products and dietary supplement arena.

Consumers have a growing desire for natural products, with the nutritional supplement industry at an all-time high of $28 billion. Nutraceutical sales have remained steady, as an aging population continues to consume more dietary supplements.

Our goal is to private-label the compounds for larger, well-established marketers and retailers. This is a more efficient use of capital and resources while still retaining total control of the intellectual property, the manufacturing process, and the pricing power.

Medical Food

Doctors often prescribe medical foods before and after invasive medical procedures like surgery, cancer treatments, and physical therapy. At times, medical foods are used to increase the effects of prescription drugs. In most cases, medical foods are used to help improve chronic conditions such as diabetes, allergies, or metabolic stress.

These medicinal foods are expensive and may be reimbursed by health insurers. This is an FDA-regulated sector, but the standards are somewhat less stringent than pharmaceutical applications and operating margins remain strong.

We believe that the inflammation modulating and immune boosting properties of our algal extract can be isolated and produced as a medical food or solution prescribed by physicians.


Ultimately, a prescription drug application, based on a naturally occurring molecule, may create the largest and most dramatic long-term increase in our value. However, the process of developing new drugs is costly, complex, risky, and time-consuming. It is a multi-year undertaking, which means we will likely grant a license to a developer who will underwrite the risk and expense of the initial development process, and then share in the royalties once a molecule is licensed.