Research & Development

Our Research and Development Policy

At ZIVO Bioscience, we are committed to rigorous scientific testing, peer review, and regulatory compliance. No product or ingredient is developed without a clear-cut purpose or application. Nor is any product or ingredient made available until independent research and testing have verified efficacy and safety to the appropriate standard for that product category.

Our comprehensive development program begins with strain discovery through validation, compliance and cultivation, to post-processing and productizing, effectively “owning” the entire value chain. We extensively test and retest our products during the development stages and intend to do so throughout the product lifespan to ensure integrity, activity and safety.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Our R&D effort is aimed at developing an intellectual property portfolio that can be out-licensed to food, feed and pharmaceutical companies. This work generally falls into two distinct categories: efficacy, from which product claims are developed; and compliance, to prove that our products are safe and consistent in overall quality.


We focus on whether the algal biomass itself or individual derivatives deliver a beneficial effect with respect to a target species. The experiments, studies and tests provide the scientific evidence necessary to ethically support product claims.


In terms of compliance, we ensure the ingredient, food, or supplement is safe for both humans and animals. We must also determine whether it can be produced and processed safely and that it meets Dietary Supplement Health Education (DSHEA) regulatory requirements, as well as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) benchmarks.


Our commercialization efforts occur on two fronts: the introduction of our algal biomass, or its natural extracts, into the food and feed markets, and the development of refined bioactive compounds that may be produced by means other than algae cultivation.


We are currently in the process of finalizing the development of commercial-scale cultivation, having contracted algae production facilities in southern California and Arizona with plans to soon expand overseas.

An exemplary facility is being designed to simulate real-world production conditions; in other words, low-cost, low-complexity installations that can be duplicated almost anywhere water and enough sunlight are available to profitably produce algae to ZIVO's quality and safety standards.

Our cultivation model, avoids complex and costly fermentation systems, photo-bioreactors, panels and tubes commonly associated with microalgae production in favor of the most basic and cost-efficient models: a covered, shallow pond constructed of inexpensive, readily-available materials obtainable in many parts of the world.

The ideal algal strain would flourish in the simplest of production environments at the lowest possible cost without a necessary dependence on fossil fuels to maintain high yields. We believe this to be a realistic, affordable approach that can be practiced most anywhere.