Animal Applications

Benefitting Bovine Health

Test results from a pilot study conducted by Dairy Experts, LLC have indicated our algal biomass and its extracts may be effective in supporting bovine mammary gland health and overall dairy production. Mammary gland issues affect 10% of the U.S. dairy herd at any given time, costing producers as much as $1,100 per affected animal. In the U.S. alone, milk production losses are near $3 billion annually.

Benefitting Poultry Health

As a phytogenic poultry feed ingredient, our algae strain is positioned to enter the poultry nutrition market, where early indications are that small amounts of algal biomass may be beneficial to broiler health, which in turn may increase productivity and potentially decrease reliance on antibiotics as growth promoters.

Cornering the $8 Billion Animal Phytogenic Feed Additive Market

We are in a unique position where speed of growth, the low cost of production startup and a unique blend of protein, micronutrients and non-starch polysaccharides may result in a feed ingredient or additive less expensive and more healthful than competitive offerings in a wide range of poultry and livestock applications.

Consumers react positively to the introduction of natural phytogenic feed additives to support animal health over antibiotic use or medicated feeds.

Canine Joint Health

Initial experimentation into canine models revealed interesting results that require additional studies. Early indications are that potential benefits derived from a healthy nutritional profile are likely, even though the ZIVO biomass would constitute a relatively small part of the diet.