Project Update July 2019

Project Update July 2019

Poultry Feed Ingredient and Vaccine Efficacy

ZIVO R&D staff received and reviewed results of a preliminary poultry health/nutrition study that indicated a statistically significant improvement in vaccine efficacy if the birds were also fed ZIVO algae at the same time. Vaccines are typically administered to poultry in areas where infective pathogens are very active. The “take” rate, or the percentage of chickens that actually benefit from the vaccine, can be as low as 40%. By mixing ZIVO algae into the feed, that “take” rate can improve substantially, justifying the expense of adding ZIVO algal ingredient to the feed. Additional work and statistical analysis will be undertaken.

Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center

On June 1, ZIVO opened a laboratory at the Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center (MLSIC), located in Plymouth, Michigan within easy driving distance from the Keego Harbor office. This laboratory will produce inoculum for growers in Africa and South America, although initially the work will center on process improvements in cultivation, centrifuging, growth media and validating the work at other facilities. The MLSIC lab will also serve as redundant repository of “pedigree” ZIVO algae strains.

Currently, the lab is being fitted out, equipment is being installed and calibrated and special items are being fabricated. The operations manager expects the lab to begin growing ZIVO algal strains by the end of August. 

Safety/Toxicology Testing for Poultry GRAS

ZIVO R&D staff has again delayed planned safety testing for poultry GRAS due to shortage of dried ZIVO algal biomass that meets specifications set forth in the poultry GRAS protocol. AzCATI is in the process of scaling up to produce the volume required but will not be producing significant volume until fall, and Indian growers are asking for more time to deliver the requested amounts of biomass. The study start date has been pushed back to late October 2019.

In vivo Dairy Cow Mastitis trial

The bovine mastitis pilot study has concluded after several months of delays. ZIVO principals are expecting to see in vivo test results from the most recent bovine mastitis trial by mid-September, with statistical analysis completed early October 2019. The study was stopped in April 2019 due to funding shortfalls and competing commitments made in poultry research. The trial is a pilot component of the final test phase to validate a non-antibiotic alternative to address bovine mastitis.

Human Tolerance Testing

With human GRAS affirmation in hand for the US market, ZIVO is now pushing to further increase the limits on Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of ZIVO algae to a target of 100 grams (4 ounces) per day, or about 50 times more than other microalgae on the market, such as spirulina, chlorella or euglena. This test involves feeding test subject increasing amounts of ZIVO algae over a period of weeks and observing any tolerance issues. The test has been postponed pending availability of commercial-spec biomass. ZIVO principals hope to reactivate this project in early September 2019.

Biomass from India Growers

Shibin has commenced an aggressive construction project to build ponds for ZIVO algae production, and therefore, ZIVO algae production has been pushed back during construction. Sanat, another Indian grower, has chosen to wait until it can commence a new production cycle. Wellisen has advised ZIVO principals it is selling its sole algae production facility and will no longer produce algae for ZIVO. Company principals are in talks with a multinational infrastructure group to begin scaling and take on inoculum production in India to supply other India growers. 

Anti-Aging/Skin Health Testing

Planned clinical trials to validate claims for anti-aging and skin health have been delayed due to lack of availability of dried ZIVO algal biomass that meets product specifications for that specific use.

VP Product Development

Mr. Casey Fowler, formerly VP Operations at CPA Global, an intellectual property and patent services firm with multiple US offices, joined ZIVO this spring to assist in the commercialization of ZIVO IP and licensing. He brings extensive IP protections expertise to the Company and has taken over the management of the company’s entire IP portfolio. Mr. Fowler has a dual role at ZIVO’s Wellmetrix subsidiary, where he functions as VP Operations and Product Development, to include the commercialization of Wellmetrix IP and guiding the final steps toward manufacturability and compliance.