ZIVO Launches ZNews Email Newsletter

ZIVO Launches ZNews Email Newsletter

We at ZIVO recognize and appreciate the continued support of our shareholders. To that end, management is introducing the first edition of our newsletter ZNews. It's an important part of the new effort to keep our shareholder better informed about happenings at the company, as well as industry and world events that may be related to ZIVO.

2017 is off to a busy start.

A poultry feed additive trial has been scheduled for late February/early March, to be supervised by the animal nutrition experts a NutriQuest, as work continues on a definitive agreement between the two companies. We're excited about the opportunities in the animal nutrition space because the demand for ever-growing organic, antibiotic-free chicken products continues to catapult at a fast pace both here in the US and around the world.

The ZIVO website is undergoing significant changes and I encourage shareholders to check back often and see our progress. We're especially pleased with our most recent Investor Presentation, and have already received positive feedback.

If you have investor related questions, please contact us.