ZIVO Commences Sales of its Proprietary Algal Biomass as Human Food

ZIVO Commences Sales of its Proprietary Algal Biomass as Human Food

Signs manufacturing agreement to grow and process algal biomass, enters into distribution agreement for branded DTC sales of ZivolifeTM

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Zivo Bioscience, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIVO) (“ZIVO” or the “Company”), a biotech/agtech R&D company engaged in the development of therapeutic, medicinal and nutritional product candidates derived from proprietary algal cultures, announces the commercialization of its proprietary algal biomass as a food or food ingredient.

ZIVO has engaged an independent distributor, ZWorldwide, Inc., who will launch the product, branded ZivolifeTM, with an initial focus on North America. ZIVO and ZWorldwide are parties to an exclusive commercial agreement that is expected to result in ongoing product sales by ZIVO.

ZIVO also announces the signing of a contract manufacturing agreement with Alimenta Algae SAC (“Alimenta Algae”) to grow and process the algal biomass at facilities previously utilized by ZIVO for development in Peru. Alimenta Algae is the microalgae subsidiary of Grupo Alimenta, a global, multi-generational, family-run agribusiness with headquarters in Lima, Peru.

“ZivolifeTM is the Company’s first revenue-generating product, and its commercial availability and the establishment of a cohesive supply chain marks our entry into the global algae food market. After years of rigorous R&D and product testing, we’re proud to make ZivolifeTM available to consumers who are looking for a sustainable, whole-food product that delivers a wide range of nutrients that contribute to their overall health. We look forward to growing the market for ZivolifeTM, launching more products based on our proprietary algae, and will also continue to aggressively pursue the opportunities we have in the biotech and pharma markets,” said John Payne, CEO and Chairman of ZIVO Bioscience.

The global food and beverage microalgae market is projected to reach $247 million by 2033. The Company’s dried algal powder is a whole-food entrant into this fast-growing and premium segment. The rapid growth in demand for plant-based protein sources is being driven by trends in healthy living, environmental sustainability and ethical considerations. The target market for ZivolifeTM is consumers of microalgae and so-called “green drinks” who would benefit from a whole-food supplement to their diet, as well as conscious consumers who value sustainable products with exceptional nutritional profiles.

“ZWorldwide is delighted to partner with ZIVO Bioscience to bring ZivolifeTM to market for the first time. This is a premium product in the microalgae market as ZivolifeTM is a proprietary algae strain. Consumers are increasingly looking for nutrient-dense whole foods to supplement their diets. With our team’s expertise in DTC sales, e-commerce and brand marketing we are looking forward to helping grow this exciting category in cooperation with ZIVO,” said Greg Consiglio, Chairman of ZWorldwide.

“Alimenta Algae is looking forward to bringing our international agriculture expertise to support the scaleup of ZivolifeTM. Our prior experience with microalgae along with our commitment to food quality and safety will ensure that ZivolifeTM is a high-quality, premium product,” said Vasco Masias, President of Grupo Alimenta and Alimenta Algae, SAC. “Alimenta Algae has worked extensively with microalgaes through its pursuit of sustainable superfoods, and believes this partnership with ZIVO will bring much-needed products to the food market.”

ZivolifeTM is natural, non-GMO and a source of plant-based protein, naturally occurring beta glucan and fiber. ZIVO’s dried microalgae is a source of essential amino acids, polyphenols, iron, potassium and vitamins A, E and B12. ZivolifeTM supports digestive and gut health and helps to support a healthy immune system. It has a mild taste compared with other microalgae and has been tested as shelf stable for up to two years. ZivolifeTM is 100% made from ZIVO’s proprietary microalgae. For more information about ZWorldwide and ZivolifeTM, please visit www.zivo.life.

ZivolifeTM is cultivated at a single-source, sustainable aquaculture facility in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes Mountains using proprietary cultivation processes developed in partnership with ZIVO. The partnership has established quality-control testing at facilities in Ica, Peru, Ft. Myers, Florida and certified third-party laboratories. ZivolifeTM will initially be available in limited quantities as ZIVO scales up production. For more information about Grupo Alimenta, please visit www.alimenta.pe.

The revenue received under the agreements described in this news release is expected to fund ZIVO’s ongoing development of therapeutic and pharmaceutical product candidates. ZIVO Bioscience is currently working to complete its latest coccidiosis treatment study in broiler chickens as part of its efforts to secure a corporate partnership for this application.

About ZIVO Bioscience

ZIVO Bioscience is a research and development company with an intellectual property portfolio comprised of proprietary algal and bacterial strains, biologically active molecules and complexes, production techniques, cultivation techniques and patented or patent pending inventions for applications in human and animal health. Please visit www.zivobioscience.com for more information.

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