ZIVO Bioscience Concludes Bovine Mastitis Pilot Study With Promising Results in Combatting Mycoplasma Pathogen

ZIVO Bioscience Concludes Bovine Mastitis Pilot Study With Promising Results in Combatting Mycoplasma Pathogen

KEEGO HARBOR, MI -- (Marketwired) -- 01/06/15 -- ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (OTCQB: ZIVO), formerly Health Enhancement Products, Inc., announced today that preliminary results and analyses of its pilot bovine mastitis study were accepted and reviewed by the Company's science team. Dairy Experts, Inc., based in northern California, conducted the study on behalf of the Company over the course of spring/fall 2014. The Company is awaiting a final report from the principal investigator leading the study team in California.

Mycoplasma bovis is an infective pathogen that afflicts dairy cows. Mycoplasma refers to a genus of bacteria lacking a cell wall, making it resistant to many common antibiotics. In addition to mastitis (inflammation of the udder) which affects milk quality and ultimately may stop milk production altogether, the infection may spread throughout the herd, causing increased ear infections, pneumonia and lameness in calves. This particular pathogen is highly contagious and cows must be quarantined immediately once mycoplasma is detected. There is no approved treatment available.

Preliminary results indicate that the number and viability of mycoplasma organisms in the udders of treated cows are noticeably decreased when compared to an untreated control group infected with the same pathogen.

"This is very good news for us," states chief medical officer Dr. Scott Freeman. "We had anticipated improvements in milk quality and udder appearance, but to actually see an effect on the viability of the pathogen itself is very promising, given that there are no approved options available to dairy producers today."

The pilot study itself was a significant undertaking, with clinical observations and testing taking place twice daily over 21 days, involving 34 test subjects. Months of planning were required to address and anticipate logistical and scientific considerations, and to prepare the formulation of testing samples. Nearly 200,000 data points were collected, including, but not limited to, udder appearance, somatic cell counts, milk appearance, mycoplasma growth in the udder, nasal membranes and vagina. The enormous data trove required nearly two months of compilation, analysis and report drafting. Additionally, biopsies were performed and tissue samples collected for future study and analysis.

The results of the pilot study provide the impetus to move forward with an expanded primary study, according to Dr. Amy Steffek, director of research and development.

"With results like these in hand, we're looking to refine our administration modalities and test different formulations," states Dr. Steffek. "This is a remarkable development that we want to confirm and pursue to its logical conclusion."

In a parallel development, The Company is exploring several near-term applications, where the original natural biomass is minimally processed, relying primarily on its signature lipids and peptides to offer a natural nutritive profile. In so doing, management is opening talks with potential production partners.

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